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Quote of the day

“We’re not taught to look at what is going on and say, ‘Look what I have created in my life. Isn’t that interesting?’ Instead, we are taught to judge, lay blame, accuse, play victim, and seek revenge. Neither are we taught to think that our lives are directed by forces other than our own conscious mind—but, in truth, they are.” Colin C. Tipping

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This is My World

Almost 20 years ago, before we had children, my wife and I took a road trip around South Africa. It’s a country of such exquisite beauty as well strange paradoxes. You can be driving in the middle of nowhere and you’ll suddenly see some lone soul wondering on the side of the road. You wonder, “Where might he be going?” or, “What brought him to such an isolated palace?” Potentially he too asked similar questions of us. One of the places we stopped at was a dusty one street town called Nieu-Bethesda which has as its claim to fame

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