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Looking Out for a Hero

A friend of mine has recently endured an arduous breakup. It’s a devastating story of major deceit and the misuse of kindness and love that left her a shadow of her former self. Her anticipation and joy at the burgeoning future she pictured in front of them as a couple was annihilated when she discovered some facts that changed everything about their relationship. She was determined not to allow this to destroy her and immersed her life into her work until one day that stopped helping. There was this niggling issue that was

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Becoming a Signal to Life

Ikigai (ee-key-guy) is a Japanese term that roughly translates as 'a reason for being'.  Okinawans, much revered for their longevity, have a matchless diet of super foods and are practitioners of an ikigai mindset. It's argued that this combination of an Okinawan diet, sensible exercise, and a strong connection for why they get up in the morning make Okinawans extraordinarily healthy in their bodies, minds and spirits, and life-long members of the 100+ club! People with this connection to their ikigai have an illuminating inner

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Seeing the Patterns

As a lover of patterns and a fond advocate of Montessori education, I was always so happy to have my children show me the tessellations they produced as the pre-cursor to the more complex mathematical concepts the Montessori materials introduce. Beautifully tiled surfaces that repeated designs, trained their naive eyes to search out patterns and see the order and beauty in things. Seeing the symmetry in complex patterns alerted their brains to the possibilities of what could come next. I also remember sitting bored into

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The Shadows in our Life

My sister has two daughters – and when they first moved to America some years ago, the girls were both in high school. My younger niece, is a kind and gentle soul and a gifted artist. Fairly soon into her school career she knocked up against a Southern Belle by the name of Harper. Harper took an instant dislike to my niece and this scorn was equalled and bettered by my niece. For 6 years these girls became arch rivals and much of my niece's news often referenced the wrong doings of Hog-Faced Harper (as her moniker became).  It

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