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The Guardians

Someone asked me if I could recall a significant moment in my life when I was aware that I was crossing a threshold. I'm not talking about when you look back on your life and recognise with hindsight that a particular event was actually the moment where a transformation began; I'm talking about when you are actually in the moment. You are aware with every cell in your body that change is happening right before your eyes and that you will never be the same person again. One such moment I vividly recall was being with someone

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On the Threshold of Change

I read recently about a native tribe from Canada who preform a ritual to help families bearing the loss of a loved one. They draw a circle in the ground and lay a rope through the centre of the circle. The family suffering with their grief stand at one side of the circle and the rest of the tribe stand at the other side. The mourning family praise and bemoan the departed  and offer up their pain to the tribe. At some point a tug of war is enacted with the family holding onto one end of the rope as if it they could pull their

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