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The Divine in You

When I was an English teacher working in Thailand, every lesson started with the traditional Añjali Mudrā greeting of reverence. The class would pitch their hands in front of their faces as if in prayer and sing out, “Sa-wat-dee kha” and “Sa-wat-dee-khrap.” A benediction of great regard. The term used for teacher in Thai is ‘Ajahn’ which is honorific, like the Japanese term, ‘sensei’ denoting esteem for one who has mastered something worthwhile. There were some mornings, severely hung-over from a night of Thai Mekong whiskey

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Activity 2: Signature Moments

If you look at the timeline / pathway that you completed in Activity 1 you will see a selection of transformative events from your life. You have chosen these particular moments to represent something that you learned about yourself or life and has helped shaped you into the person you are today. Ideally you should have at least 5 or 6 signature moments – obviously this is age dependant. Use Activity 2 Worksheet for Signature Moments which will ask you 10 questions that you can answer for each of your signature moments. The

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