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Is this the Year of the Human?

Organisations can create this internal dilemma where their employees hear that the business wants them to make authentic connections, to bring more of their whole self to work and provide exemplary customer service. Yet the drive for greater efficiency, bigger profits and smarter innovations can cause behaviour that emphasises and even rewards selfish pursuits. At Made Better Human, we’re interested in making prominent again the very things that make our humanity shine. When we are at our best, the rest of life wins. The<br

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Suspending Your Disbelief

For most of us, we need to believe that we are good people, following sound thinking processes and purposefully using our bodies and minds as we move through our lives planning, deciding and acting with intentions that are good. We like to think we are making good choices because we are good people. It takes a particularly unique individual to approach life with an unadulterated belief that they are bad and must advance through life making poor decisions and consistently performing bad deeds. However, on any given day, from our

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