Monthly Archives: November 2015

Lessons to a Son

This last week I have been composing a letter to my son to receive whilst he is away at camp. All the boys will receive a letter from a significant male in their lives telling them about what it means to grow into manhood and what that young man means to them. It's a powerful rite of passage where an older male voice can give direction and a message of love that hopefully will become a treasured message from their dad, their uncle, their brother - any man who has travelled this path that lies before them. It got me thinking

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Quote of the day

“I believe in the possible. I believe, small though we are, insignificant though we may be, we can reach a full understanding of the universe. You were right when you said you felt small, looking up at all that up there. We are very, very small, but we are profoundly capable of very, very big things.” Stephen Hawking

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Catch Cries of Life

Recently I watched this short video  about a group of photographers asked to take a portrait of a man. They were given different background information about who this man was before they met him. Each of the photographers went about applying their craft capturing the man with their story about him in their minds. The result - 6 very different photographs that in some way capture the story of the man they thought they had met. The story we have running about someone causes us to delete, distort and generalise the surrounding

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