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Chasing Happiness

Perhaps it’s because one of the inalienable rights specified in the American Declaration of Independence is the pursuit of happiness, but recently it seems the search for happiness is everywhere. Books on happiness, courses extolling the seven habits of happy people, there’s happiness conferences, and expos, and magazines, and TV shows. The need for happiness seems to be showing up everywhere I look. It comes up as a theme in coaching: people worried that they are not happy; that they are living below the happiness quotient

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Do you believe in luck? I grew up in a family with a mother steeped in superstition and  she was forever on the prowl for lucky chances. Perhaps because she believed her life was so luck-less or maybe it was linked to her alleged gypsy heritage. Knock over the salt and she was flicking three pinches over her left shoulder. Walk past a statue of a Buddha and you had to rub its belly and make sure it was facing East. God help the child that put new shoes on the kitchen counter and may your forsaken soul find redemption if you opened

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