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It’s All in the Timing

I remember back in the 1980's  there was a TV series called Dallas. I was a huge addict and had a crush on Pammy Ewing but also secretly loved Sue Ellen Ewing because she was a booze-addled victim repeatedly drawn back to the vodka. The producers of this series probably kept Dallas running for 2 or 3 sessions too long. The plot became more and more clichéd and in the end most people just stopped enjoying the program. There is a danger when we stay involved in things in the same way for too long that we become hackneyed. The new

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Trophic Cascades

I’d like you to view this YouTube and I’d like you to consider this idea of trophic cascades in relation to leadership and learning and maybe even the idea of how a great idea followed by a few can cause a trophic cascade.

[embed][/embed] Ponder this … How does the work we do cause the (organisational) system to change? What role can you play in causing this sort of transformative contagion?

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