Monthly Archives: June 2015

Lighting Up Lives

Have you ever experienced someone’s whole being lights up because of something you said to them or did for them? It’s an incredibly powerful human skill to be able to transform someone’s entire being through your actions or words. I had this experience first hand and indirectly on a couple of occasions over the last few days. My son is a consistent high C /low B grade student. Now, I’m okay with that except for this niggling feeling I have that he’s not operating at his full potential. He has coasted very close to a D for

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Where to find love

I love it when I encounter something new. This week a new word introduced itself to me. I was reading one of my twitter feeds and came across an article in The Age talking about a condition known as alexithymia. It’s a personality condition characterised by the inability to identify and describe emotions in the self. People ‘suffering’ from alexithymia lack emotional awareness and have challenges in social attachment and interpersonal relationships. They struggle to distinguish and appreciate the emotions of others which causes

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