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Unfathomable Life

What is the meaning of a flower? Or a flea? Or the meaning of each of us for that matter? There is no meaning to a flower - a flower just is. Science will tell us a flower is the seed bearing part of a plant. Poets share with us the whole language of flowers: flowers of love and grief spawning sonnets and stanzas for centuries. If you ask yourself the question, “What is the meaning of a flower?” and try to understand the reason why it exists you can arrive at no answer other than it just is. Perhaps a more useful question might

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Living is a creative act. Too often I encounter people who are existing – making do with what life seems to throw their way or somehow waiting for their real life to start; consequently allowing precious days to slip by adventure-less and undifferentiated from the next. There are a range of reasons for why this happens and perhaps at times in our life it is necessary for us to move back from the growing point of creativity and reflect or lie fallow so that we are re-energised for the next inspired act in our lives. I believe that

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Follow Your Bliss

Recently I got dragged along to a work function that initially I didn't really want to attend. It was designed for families, and probably really well set up if you had young children.  However, even 3 beverages in, I was bored – I didn’t want to pet small animals (the petting zoo for the children) or have a go on the jumping castle,  I could see the magician’s sleight of hand and I was ready to leave. My wife was not in the same frame of mind. My daughter and I decided to partake in one of our favourite pastimes – people

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