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Becoming a Signal to Life

Ikigai (ee-key-guy) is a Japanese term that roughly translates as 'a reason for being'.  Okinawans, much revered for their longevity, have a matchless diet of super foods and are practitioners of an ikigai mindset. It's argued that this combination of an Okinawan diet, sensible exercise, and a strong connection for why they get up in the morning make Okinawans extraordinarily healthy in their bodies, minds and spirits, and life-long members of the 100+ club! People with this connection to their ikigai have an illuminating inner

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Seeing the Patterns

As a lover of patterns and a fond advocate of Montessori education, I was always so happy to have my children show me the tessellations they produced as the pre-cursor to the more complex mathematical concepts the Montessori materials introduce. Beautifully tiled surfaces that repeated designs, trained their naive eyes to search out patterns and see the order and beauty in things. Seeing the symmetry in complex patterns alerted their brains to the possibilities of what could come next. I also remember sitting bored into

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All in Good Time

I must have been about nine or ten years old when I encountered the word “ochre”. I didn’t know what it meant and I must have read it in a sentence something along the lines of, ‘The leaves on the tree had turned ochre.’ I remember looking up the word to make sense of it and probably found a definition along the lines of, ‘An earthy pigment containing ferric oxide typically with clay, varying from light yellow to brown or red.'  My confusion would have expanded further, when trying to understand how to pronounce the word I would

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