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Staying Inside the Boundaries

Border security is managed carefully by most countries. What is let through and out of borders – materials and people - is of utmost importance to the economic and political efficacy of counties that see themselves as separate from and in competition with other countries. Some borders are vigilant at protecting its citizens and the economy from the spectre of dark possibilities. Other borders are more laissez faire allowing the free market to flourish and human traffic, both legal and illegal, to flow without too many

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Landscapes of the Mind

At school, I had a friend who had a map of the world that occupied a whole wall in his bedroom. He had placed a pin with a red coloured head on every city he had visited in his meagre 16 years on the planet. His family was wealthy and they had travelled North America and Europe and much of Southern Africa. I was envious of the red dots that salt and peppered his map and dreamed that one day I could populate a map of the world with such proof points of visitation. Whilst I have been fortunate enough to visit five of our seven

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