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Looking Out for a Hero

A friend of mine has recently endured an arduous breakup. It’s a devastating story of major deceit and the misuse of kindness and love that left her a shadow of her former self. Her anticipation and joy at the burgeoning future she pictured in front of them as a couple was annihilated when she discovered some facts that changed everything about their relationship. She was determined not to allow this to destroy her and immersed her life into her work until one day that stopped helping. There was this niggling issue that was

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Staying Inside the Boundaries

Border security is managed carefully by most countries. What is let through and out of borders – materials and people - is of utmost importance to the economic and political efficacy of counties that see themselves as separate from and in competition with other countries. Some borders are vigilant at protecting its citizens and the economy from the spectre of dark possibilities. Other borders are more laissez faire allowing the free market to flourish and human traffic, both legal and illegal, to flow without too many

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Go to Your Happy Place

Any parent will have experienced that moment when you are leaving your young child at kindergarten or a play date, the child sees you departing and their face folds into utter angst and they bellow in emotional pain. Separation anxiety is a huge wallop of emotion for both the parent and the child. Both suffer – the parent feels guilt and the child feels a sense of complete annihilation! Over time, children will typically learn that that the object of their desire (the soft toy or blankie) or the person who brings them succour

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