Is this the Year of the Human?

Organisations can create this internal dilemma where their employees hear that the business wants them to make authentic connections, to bring more of their whole self to work and provide exemplary customer service. Yet the drive for greater efficiency, bigger profits and smarter innovations can cause behaviour that emphasises and even rewards selfish pursuits.

At Made Better Human, we’re interested in making prominent again the very things that make our humanity shine. When we are at our best, the rest of life wins. The Humanising Our World Conferenceon 28thMarchis all about giving a voice to this conversation in 2019. You’ll spend a day focused on ideas to improve your business, creating useful plans for balancing your life and have inspired examples of how your actions can build a better community. But most importantly you’ll move closer toward your greatest superpower – your humanity. 

The Brisbane Powerhouse will host a constellation of remarkable speakers and their inspiring human centric stories. The conference has something for everyone – actionable tips to enhance your personal development (Better Me), practical examples for how to expand relationships to their fullest potential (Better Us), and inspiring stories from people who are doing transformative work to make our communities a better place for everyone (Better World). The topics and conversations promise to make a day that celebrates the very best of our human experience. 

As individuals, the endless striving for a socially validated life that requires super-hero strength and invincible emotional flexibility can leave us feeling like who we are and how we live our lives may not measure up to the grandiose lives portrayed on social media. It’s vital for us to remember that set-backs and delays are opportunities to recalibrate and refocus; allowing us to have greater self-compassion. To motivate you in this regard, you’ll get to hear from Josie Thomson, a multi-award winning certified master coach, life-style author and thriver who knows a great deal about bouncing back from adversity. There’s Alessandra Edwards, the CEO and Founder of The Performance Genome and an expert in the DNA of Performance. Her background in Health Science and life experience means she has some valuable insights on your personal well-being. Personal Brand expert, Jane Andersonwill share her C-Suite advice and learned wisdom from her best-selling books to help us find a healthier balance whilst fulfilling great business performance. Plus Callan McDonnell, the cofounder of Made Better Human, will be talking about 10 of life’s most important questions that have no right to go away. The answers you begin to uncover in response to these questions will bring you to a deeper appreciation for your thinking and behaviour.

As men and women, we see the stereotypes of gender being challenged and whilst this allows for out-dated mindsets to dissolve, we can sometimes feel like we are in a free-fall into the unknown. Jo Wagstaff, the co-founder of Authentic Woman Global which has an online community of over 70,000 women. Jo is showing women how to transform and how to demonstrate even more kindness towards themselves.Josh Quarmby is doing similar great work for men, creating opportunities for men to reconnect with a fuller life and an expanded definition of masculinity. Anna Byrne from the Neuropower Groupteaches how maximising the social wiring of the brain is the ultimate life hack to give you and others a unique edge to become a better us. The Good Men Project gets 3 million unique visitors a month and is one of the few “go-to” places where men and masculinity are discussed in a positive, progressive, open-minded way. Our keynote speaker, Lisa Hickey, the CEO of Good Men Media, is travelling from the USA to share her experience and the ways she is helping the world embrace diversity and celebrate the individual within an ever-changing society. 

For our communities, the threat of isolation and loneliness has grown at an alarming rate. Depression, anxiety and self-harm are at epidemic proportions. We are all impacted by these mental health challenges plaguing our communities. So, Maitu Bush founded One Good Street, which is an award-winning networking platform that connects neighbours in a way that brings care and company to the vulnerable who might be living right next door to us. You’ll get to hear how and why Maitu created One Good Street and learn what a difference it could make to your neighbourhood. Listen to Tara Kleine share the story of the work Opportunity Childdoes to help all children in Australia thrive. Currently 1 in 5 children in Australia lives in vulnerable conditions and those statistics span out into developing adults who struggle to fulfil their potential. Many Australians would be in aware of the great work of Yas Grigaliunas, the CEO and cofounder of the World’s Biggest Garage Sale. Her personal back-story and the ways she has grown her business will motivate and humble you. Plus, Bec Stephens will share how she is counteracting the silent epidemic of loneliness through her work with her community radio station. 

There is something of interest for everyone who attends the Humanising Our WorldConferenceon 28thMarch 2019.  Have you secured your seat yet? Click hereto ensure you have a place.

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