Monthly Archives: December 2014

The end of 2014…

It’s probably been for a fair chunk of 2014 that I have produced these weekly summaries and they have proven to be a good habit in mindful reflection on the week that was. I highly recommend the practice. In this update I also want to reflect on 2014 as a whole. If I think back to my mindset at the start of 2014 – returning to work after a brilliant summer holiday on the Sunshine Coast – I would not have guessed I would have had such an expansive year waiting for me. I mean it when I say that 2014 will be a year I will look back

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peter gabriel

Come Back Home

I love the music of Peter Gabriel and one of my all time favourite pieces of his work is ‘Solsbury Hill’. Have a read of these lyrics and see what his word pictures cause to happen in you. For me, these words remind me of internal transformations that I have had in my life: times when you know that you will never be the same because of a specific event, or a person you have met or a piece of information that has changed you irrevocably. You know that you are somehow transformed but you don’t always know how to show up as the new

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