The end of 2014…

It’s probably been for a fair chunk of 2014 that I have produced these weekly summaries and they have proven to be a good habit in mindful reflection on the week that was. I highly recommend the practice. In this update I also want to reflect on 2014 as a whole. If I think back to my mindset at the start of 2014 – returning to work after a brilliant summer holiday on the Sunshine Coast – I would not have guessed I would have had such an expansive year waiting for me. I mean it when I say that 2014 will be a year I will look back on with great affection. I have loved this year and the gifts it has brought me. Professionally, I have had a golden year – great products delivered, stronger relationships built and our reach and creativity has expanded at a rate never before imagined by any one of us. Being part of this has been like discovering Aladdin’s cave of jewels – riches beyond belief. We have won awards and we have been rewarded in multiple ways.
On the personal side, I have loved experiencing how my family is growing up – two children in high school, learning how to be good adults means I get to be challenged and get to share deep and powerful conversations with these wonderful beings, who, it seems, were my babies just a few years ago. It’s a genuinely great time.
And yes, there have been tough times and hard decisions and soul wrenching loss over the course of the year but on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is horrid and 10 is unbelievable I would give 2014 a ten!
It’s been great to share it with everyone and each of you have helped make it so outstanding. The other day I had a Chatterbox card and it asked what my biggest surprise was. My answer: Turning into the man I have become. Gratitude to you all and to 2014 for bringing me these gifts.



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