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We are One

Have you ever seen footage of the behaviour between cats and dogs? Sometimes you see a dog, joyful and exuberant with energy, approaching a cat; its tail wagging with bonhomie; wanting to connect in the spirit of feline and canine accord much like the English / French Entende Cordiale. The cat pins its ears back, flicks its tail from side to side, and swipes viciously at the snout of the bewildered dog - with the full intent to draw blood. Sometimes the dog retaliates; sometimes a ‘Game on!’ peruses and sometimes the dog is

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The Shadows in our Life

My sister has two daughters – and when they first moved to America some years ago, the girls were both in high school. My younger niece, is a kind and gentle soul and a gifted artist. Fairly soon into her school career she knocked up against a Southern Belle by the name of Harper. Harper took an instant dislike to my niece and this scorn was equalled and bettered by my niece. For 6 years these girls became arch rivals and much of my niece's news often referenced the wrong doings of Hog-Faced Harper (as her moniker became).  It

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Frozen Time

At the age of about 3 or 4 my mother left England returning to Africa with her family because her father, an engineer in the British Army, was stationed in East Africa for the tail end of World War II. The family moved into a very simple dwelling in the Katavi region of what was then Tanganyika (now Tanzania) and there she  enjoyed a carefree childhood for a few years. At the age of 7 my mother’s mother died from cerebral malaria leaving behind 4 children, the youngest only 18 months old. Distraught and at a loss with what to

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