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Imaginary Friends

Yesterday, in the city, I encountered a couple of individuals who were ‘out of their minds’. One was a middle-aged woman who had shorn off all her hair and had harnessed across her belly a plastic, life-like doll that she coddled as if her very own living child. She cooed and clucked and stroked its bald head with maternal love, meandering through the city streets quite in love with her doll. She also carried with her a heavy load of sadness, loneliness and loss, her pampering of the doll speaking of a lost child or

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Just a Thought Away

How come changing your mind can be so easy or so difficult depending on the idea you want to exchange? When my parents separated, my mother decided she would have nothing further to do with my father. Regardless of monthly alimony paid, or not paid, as was more often the case; their two children getting married; the birth of four grandchildren and the migration of all these descendants to other parts of the world there was never even a desire to say one word to one another, or share another moment together. It was over. They had

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