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The Lure of the Elusive

Since films started projecting a visual representation of how others saw life and the people who lived in it, we began receiving messages about what is alluring and attractive. The original “It” girl was Clara Bow. She personified the carefree, spirited, self-assured, and happy independence of the newly liberated American woman. Her appeal wasn’t about being darkly mysterious or aristocratically posh but about being comfortable with who she was. She sported the flapper’s short hair and short dresses and confidently strode out and

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The Ineffable

When I was an English teacher at a Jewish Day school in Johannesburg, I taught a lot of Shakespeare and a considerable volume of Victorian poetry. Both these categories of literature make a lot of reference to God, and in particular a Christian version of God. In their essays and assignments, I noticed a lot of my students would write the word God with the ‘o’ missing – G_d. It confounded me, and initially, I used to put a question mark in red pen above the word. I thought it was a quirky way to imply a ‘What the…?’ kind of

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