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Staying Inside the Boundaries

Border security is managed carefully by most countries. What is let through and out of borders – materials and people - is of utmost importance to the economic and political efficacy of counties that see themselves as separate from and in competition with other countries. Some borders are vigilant at protecting its citizens and the economy from the spectre of dark possibilities. Other borders are more laissez faire allowing the free market to flourish and human traffic, both legal and illegal, to flow without too many

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The Monster Under the Bed

Growing up in Southern Africa, it would be rare if any child were not introduced to the malevolent, dwarf-like sprite called the Tokoloshe. This evil creature was the cause of many troubles; primarily as a fear inducer visited upon naughty children (much like the boogeyman), but could, in extreme cases, be thought of as the cause of great illness and potentially the death of people. Expelling a Tokoloshe from your life involves an n’anga (witchdoctor or shaman) and a series of ritualistic atoning acts to adjust the wrongs of sins

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