Activity 4: Understanding Your Life Script Patterns

In Activity 3: Identifying Your Life Script you were able to identifying which of the life script forms best represented a pattern of how you engage with the world. The key point of this activity was to increase your awareness of some of the motivations driving your behaviour.

Reflecting on Life Scripts is not about judging yourself as good or bad. We share a human experience of all having underpinning stories and we each arrived at our ways of being in the world because of the events and people in our lives. We all have scripts and we are all doing the best we know how with what we know, feel and have to experience.

What is useful, however, is reflecting on how our scripts serve us (allow us to share our gifts with the world) or get in the way of moving forward with our lives in a meaningful manner. Once you have identified your main life script from Activity 3, use the reflective questions in Activity 4: Understanding Your Life Script Patterns to consider how your life script supports you as to evolve through your life stages.

The Reflective questions can be found in Activity Activity 4_Understanding Your Life Script Patterns

This activity has been created to get you to become more conscious of how your thinking styles and behaviour patterns can serve you or get in the way of your progress through life. Please avoid blame and there is no need to adopt a ‘new’ life script. Everything we do has effective and less effective consequences for ourselves and others around us. When we identify how we ourselves can get in the way of what we need or even want we can then consider more effective ways of counter-acting our typical behaviours and responses to situations. We can lay down new neural pathways in our brains and become more choiceful about how we choose to respond to life events.

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