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A month or so ago I came across this TED talk from Thandie Newton. I have always felt an allegiance to Ms Newton because of her Zimbabwean heritage which is odd because we have lived very different lives – regardless - I absolutely loved her TED talk. [embed][/embed]

What I’d like you to reflect on after watching this talk  is the times when you may have experienced a sense of ‘otherness’ or exclusion from the status quo.

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I am conscious that some of my weekly ‘tidbits’ probably call out my own midlife crisis / exploration more than anything else. This, of course assumes I will live to be 100! In the interests of being vulnerable, here goes: I have been thinking about goodness. I guess its because of the preparation that’s going on for the team day coming up in September. It might also link to a collection of experiences and learnings that have come across my path over the last 12 months. So I am really playing around with the idea that ‘being good’

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