What am I generous with?

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Quote of the Week

“I think of life as a good book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to make sense.” – Harold S. Kushner


This week’s challenge

Firstly I’d like you to watch this video: 60 Seconds That Will Change How You Think! shar.es/NXtGF.

It’s a really interesting observation about humanity and it causes me to think about what I am generous with and what do I hold onto (with what am I selfish)

After watching this video ask yourself:

  • What am I generous with in my giving?
  • How could I be more generous?

Further to this reflection I came across this photo of 100,000 Buddhist monks meditating for a better world (its from a mediation that happened at a Bangkok Temple in October 2011). The image is hauntingly beautiful  and it causes an emotional contagion to happen for me. I am thinking: what are the little fires of inspiration each of us spark in ourselves and in others. If we could each spark something significant to happen through our actions and our words can you imagine the contagion each of us could cause to happen. So whilst I don’t imagine the Campus forming a physical mediative alliance like the one below I think we could be united in our practice of being inspiring and opening up new possibilities in others. That’s a fire of inspiration I’m willing to be contagious about. Are you?

As usual I’d like you to start a conversation with someone in the Campus reflecting on what this week’s challenge caused to happen for you. I really enjoy hearing from you and learning what these challenges make happen. Please be comfortable to share your insights with me along with others in the Campus.

And if you are inspired to take action to cause happiness have a play on this website:



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