Activity 1: Identifying Your Signature Moments

Signature Moments are those events in your life that leave something permanent in their wake. They can be equistely happy or painfully sad events that shape us and can start to define how we see the world and how we show up in the world. You can use the activity sheet to record your main signature moments that you think have helped define you. This is a key activity from the  Life Stories Guidebook. Identifying our signature moments is critical as we begin the work of understanding how we narrate the story of our lives into the world. If we want to change or amplify our story we must first identify these moments that have left a memory mark on us.

The workshop for Identifying Your Signature Moments can be accessed here: Signature Moments

Activity 2 will provide you will some questions you can use to evaluate each defining moment and understand its significance in your overall life story.

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